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Hannah is a crazy awesome chick. She'll have a serious discussion with you and make you laugh right after. She's the best friend anyone could ask for and you'll love her right away. She could get any guy she wanted because she's so gorgeous and fantastic.

Thank you voicelesswolf Your Meme Completes me. :D

leave a comment saying you'd like to participate in this meme and i will give you five words or things i associate with you. then post about what they mean to you, along with this meme, at your journal. got mine from voicelesswolf

The Dudesons

They have to be the coolest people in the whole entire world.
A few weeks ago i was in a foul, foul mood and i realised that the first episode of season 4 was online,
my mood has never changed so quickly in my life.
$50 for a pair of long-johns is acceptible if it is merchandise.
I could watch their shows for days on end, it makes me happy that there are people in the world like them.

HIM is my favourite band.
I love the fact that they havent changed since they first started,
they're lyrics speak to everyone and you can just relate to how real they are.
I love the bridge between evil and good they portray,
"Dark light" they show both unfortunate and Amazing sides to love.
I shouldnt mention their looks because thats not why i love them but Phwoar!
They are an attractive bunch.

I dont actually know why i love wresting..
Whats attractive about old hairy men rubbing against each other.

I think its just the entertainment.
The atmosphere is awesome and the superstars are down to earth and amazing.
The music and the rock star personas they play make it so much more entertainment,
Because thats what it is Entertainment.

Body Modification
I couldnt exactly say i dont like Bodmod, Esp since i have a growing portfolio.
My favourite thing about my modifications would be my ears, they are getting big just over an inch.
I like the look of stretched piercings, and i love tattoos.
Woman seem more empowering and fabulous with them.
I love the connection of rocakbilly with Modifications.
Ive always had an interest in that sort of style.
Ask me about if i would ever stretch my ears or get tattoos 4 years ago??
I would have told you id never do that.
Looks like i have changed.

Jared Leto
I love his movies his band.
I love the music, and i dont understand why people hate him for the band?
UGH he is just beautiful.
Haters to the left.
AND if you dont see why he is awesome you cannot enter my office.

Number 1270.

I finally go the CD! The heartagram Edition with the screen print.
Im estatic, Thus this post being titled 1270, being the number screen print i got.
Man this Cd Sounds so amazing, I cannot stop listening to it.
My step dad brought it for me and told me hes going to
hold onto the print so he can take it into the shop to get framed.
I was bummed ot today so this just brought my mood right up.
Im really liking "In the arms of rain"
Jeese im Just Loving this album.

Død snø

Usually i dont like subtitles on movies because Obviously i dont speek norwegian i had to have them on.
It was a great movie however my expectations were a bit too high.
It was still an awesome movie!
It was about a group of med student s who vacation in a cabin in Øksfjord, were during the war Nazi's looted towns and hid their treasure  in a cabin which was the ones the med students are in.
They find the treasure and when it gets seprated by a piece being dropped, the Nazi soldiers are re-animated corpses and kill everyone in the cabin and get their jewels back.

This dude was my favourite character.
and the Head nazi was really freakin creepy.